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Olivia  was born in Marseille and grew up in the Southern part of the French Alps. Since she was a kid she was surrounded by nature and played outdoor sports. She discovered windsurfing thanks to her mother when she was 12 and immediately got this passion for the ocean.

Through  the years of competitions, she got strong records, as 3 World Champion titles in all SUP racing formats: distance race, sprint, and technical race.

In SUP foiling, Olivia achieved a new world record: last 29th June 2023, she made the longest SUP downwind foil crossing, covering a total of 284.7 km on the west coast of Portugal, from Peniche to Sagres. She foiled for 14 hours and 36 minute in one day!

In 2023, Olivia also won the most famous downwind race in Hawaiian waters, the Molokai 2 Oahu, in SUP Foiling.

Olivia is also incredibly engaged with a busy calendar of camps and workshops, bringing the stoke to watersport enthusiasts of all levels and making the sport more accessible to everyone.
SUP foiling world champion and world record holder Olivia Piana
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